Meet Our Retrievers - The girls


Our Girls

It is with great pride that we introduce you to our beautiful Whiskey River girls.


Wembury Hearts Desire - "Austen"

Dam: Wembury Well I Wonder (Pagan)

Sire: Wembury Captains Courageous (Kipling) 

Whelped: 11/23/19

Health scores:

Hips: 4/4 Elbows: 0/0 

PRA 1 & 2 Clear, ICT CLEAR, Heart Clear, Eyes Clear (current)

Austen at 2.5 Years old 
Austen at 18 Months old with Layla 
Austen is an absolute darling. She is the dam of our Beetles and Rolling Stones litters and has made an attentive and gentle mother. She is quirky and fun to train and is a true farm girl. She is gentle with all the animals here and befriends them in a way none of the other girls can. She is very motivated to please, making her easy to train and work with. Austen is on the smaller side and her pups take on her sweet nature. Her pedigree holds some beautiful old school english lines and it is her personality that gives our gorgeous pups their quirky side. She is nothing short of a pleasure to own and love and we thank our mentor and friend, Lesley, for breeding this girl for us to continue on with.

WhiskeyRiver Strawberry Fields - "Charlotte"

Dam: Wembury Hearts Desire

Sire: Alubyc Tsunami (AI) 

Whelped: 18/06/2021

Health scores:

Hips: 4/3 Elbows: 0/0 

PRA 1 & 2 Clear, ICT CLEAR, Heart Clear, Eyes Clear (current)


Charlotte at 6 months old - Free stack 

Charlotte at a Golden Retriever Specialty Show 2022

Charlotte just being a beauty 2022

Charlotte in a natural free stack 2022

Charlotte is our first homebred girl! So excuse us for gushing, but she is an absolute beauty. With the beautiful European bloodlines behind her pedigree we are so proud to have created Whiskeyriver retrievers with this girl at the foundation! Being Austen's baby, Charlotte has inherited the trademark nature of a Whiskeyriver. Quirky, kind and trainable. Charley is equally fun and sensitive. The first one to climb on our laps for proper cuddles and the last to leave a good time. She adores her family and loves meeting new people. Her striking conformation and equally beautiful movement is everything we could ask for in a pet and breeding dog. Charlotte is intelligent and driven during training sessions. She tries new things with utmost confidence. Her trust in the handler and gentle, sweet nature is a testament to the breed. Her health testing has come back as expected with excellent scores and wonderful comments by the specialist vets who assessed her. Charlotte has been a wonderful mother to our Maddox and Saint litters and has produced pups of outstanding quality. 

Wembury Sunglass Monkey at Whiskeyriver (AI) - "Winnie"

Dam: Wembury Sunglasses at night (AI)

Sire: C.I.E HJCH Catequill Monkey Business (IMP HUN) "MotoMoto" 

Whelped: 29/11/2021

Health scores:

Hips: 3/3  Elbows: 0/0

PRA 1 & 2 Clear, ICT CARRIER, Heart clear Eyes pending

Winnie with her breeder Lesley (Wembury) at 8 weeks old. 

Winnie at 7 months old in a Golden Retriever Specialty Show 

Winnie waiting for a release command to retrieve at only 6 months old. 

Winnie with a retrieving training dummy at 4 months. 


Winnie carries some beautiful bloodlines! We are so honoured to have this little Moto Moto baby in our kennel. Her Sire was an accomplished Gun dog born in Poland and imported to Tikotta Kennels in Hungary. Moto Moto is from exceptional breeding stock. We are so proud to say that Winnie carries many of his desirable traits. She is a high drive pup with natural ability in water retrieving. Her favourite training time is when her duck dummies come out and she can fly into the water at a million miles an hour and bring them back with focus and a soft mouth. She is a super confident alpha female who approaches life and the show ring with vigour and adapts to all situations easily. She has boundless energy. It is an absolute thrill to be able to train a young dog, with such raw ability! We are so excited for her sporting life once she reaches maturity. Winnie is the character in the group and she steals hearts with her tomboy like behaviour and her equally sweet and gentle nature. She also gives the best hugs! 

 Winnie is an ICT CARRIER which means nor she or her pups will be affected by ICT if we only breed her to clear males. This is our priority. 


Alubyc Marmalade Skies at WHISKEYRIVER 


Dam: Wembury World at my feet AI

Sire: Aus Ch. Jnr Ch Montenegro. VDH Jgdsgr JCH, JW09 Raynox Heartbreaker VDH Rheinland - Jugendsieger Friedrichshafen 2009

Whelped: 16/07/2022

Health scores: Pending

Hips:  3/3 Elbows: 0/0

PRA 1 & 2 Clear, ICT carrier, Heart pending, Eyes pending



At just five months old, Camille made a splash in the show world taking out baby Puppy in the gun dog group at her very first show no less! Her impeccable lines pave the way for her excellent and unflappable temperament and conformation. We are pleased with this young lady, she takes everything in her stride, is calm and confident while being very loyal and loving too.

We are so excited to bring her fathers pedigree into our kennel after admiring him and his progeny for many years. Camille, is a couch potato in her spare time and adores her best mate, Winnie. She follows us around the house and loves human interaction and company, she is very true to the golden retriever nature and type. She loves doing her retrieving exercises and enjoys swimming in the creeks and dams on the ranch. She is a strong and well built girl with a beautiful Golden coat. Cam is an exciting addition to our kennel. Camille is a high drive dog with an ability to be calm and sensible when we aren’t working or training. 

WhiskeyRiver Cowboys n Angels - "Maggie May"

Dam: Whiskeyriver Strawberry Fields

Sire: Aus Ch. Jnr Ch Montenegro. VDH Jgdsgr JCH, JW09 Raynox Heartbreaker VDH Rheinland - Jugendsieger Friedrichshafen 2009

Whelped: 18/02/2023

Health scores:

Hips: Elbows: 

PRA 1 & 2 Clear, ICT Carrier, Heart Clear, Eyes Clear (current)

Maggie May is another of our beautiful Maddox daughters. Breeding to his lines our intention was to bring some more drive and trainability to our program. 

This is certainly the case with Maggie, she is a pocket rocket with exceptional movement and ability for her age. Maggie has already achieved best minor puppy in her short showing career. She has a lovely coat, good angulation and the sweetest temperament. A gentle baby with a passion for playing with her soft toys and ball. She loves her big sisters and her brother Yogi. She is a true retriever with her pastimes being to swim and collect items around the house and on the farm. We are enjoying our homebred baby immensely and look forward to her health testing next year.