Whiskey River Highlands

Whiskey River Highland Cows are a popular choice for hobby farms and small-scale farmers looking for a unique and sustainable breed of cattle. With their distinctive appearance, hardy nature, and gentle temperament, they are the perfect addition to any hobby farm.

In addition to their practical attributes, Whiskey River Highland Cows are also a popular choice for their aesthetic appeal. With their shaggy fur and both with or without long horns, they are an eye-catching addition to any property, and are sure to draw attention and admiration from visitors.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of character to your hobby farm, or simply looking for a sustainable and low-maintenance breed of cattle, Whiskey River Highland Cows are a great choice. These friendly giants are sure to bring a smile to your face and a touch of charm to your farm.

Requirements for purchase

In the best interest of our cattle buyers must have the following set up and provide evidence of this set up before taking home a WRR Highland.

  1. Cattle yards and a crush: it is impossible to bring home cattle and not have a safe secure yard to place them for the first few days. Whether you have 2 calves or a whole herd you MUST have a crush and yards. There is no way to give a cow adequate veterinary attention and general husbandry without one. Yards must be flood free, have extensive shade and continuous fresh water. Yards have to be accessible for livestock trucks or we cannot arrange delivery. Please do not apply for cattle unless you have these facilities. Highlands may be cute and friendly but they are still livestock and they have particular needs.
  1. Strong fencing: On arrival to new properties cattle can be frightened and stressed. This may cause them to push through a fence that is loose, poorly constructed and inadequate for livestock. Given Australian climates the heat plus travel can have a SIGNIFICANT effect on younger Highlands and they can quickly get heat stroke and die. Ensuring that you have a secure cattle yard for their first few days and then a very safe and secure paddock following that will ensure the health and safety of your new additions. 

  2. Shade, water, adequate grass and space. Highlands require 2-5 acres PER cow to grow and thrive. They need to have excellent shaded areas to help them cool down and they require a water source. Creeks are a welcome addition to highland cattle who will cool themselves off in the water. 

  3. A reliable cattle vet in the local area and you must have knowledge of how to vaccinate, handle and care for cattle. 

Calves For Sale

If you're looking for a Whiskey River Highland calf, we have just what you need! These adorable and friendly animals are a popular choice for hobby farmers, pet owners, and those looking for a sustainable breed of cattle.

When purchasing a Whiskey River Highland calf,  important to ensure that you have adequate facilities and resources to provide proper care for your new pet, we also do not sell singles calves to homes that dont already have cattle. cattle are herd animals and you must have more than one!

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality Whiskey River Highland calves that are well-raised, healthy, and friendly.


 If you're looking for a unique and charming addition to your life, reach out to us today to learn more about our Whiskey River Highland calves for sale!

For cattle enquires please email us at info@whiskeyriverranch.com.au